‘Why Is Everyone Removing Their Breast Implants?’ Reasons & Considerations

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Here at my plastic surgery practice in Columbus, Ohio, I have seen an increase in patients requesting to have their implants removed.  Their reasons for breast implant removal are varied and personal ranging from a common theme that the patient is now older and “just over it“ to patients who feel they may be having medical issues stemming from the implants.

In this blog, I will cover the most common reasons a patient requests to have her implants removed and review the most common issues related to each situation. For each scenario, the good news is that if they change their minds later, they can have implants placed again. 

“I’m Over It.”

Since I have been in practice for over 25 years, I often hear from my own former patients “I have had them for a long time and now I am just over it.” This is probably the most common reason and these patients generally had their implants placed at least over 20 years ago. In the first part of my private practice, saline implants were the only option available, and I did thousands! So my former patients have their original saline implants—THAT is a good run! Sometimes the implants are saline but other times the implants are silicone gel.

I was one of the doctors involved in the nationwide study of silicone gel implants—something called the “Adjunct study,” and I started placing the silicone gel implants in 2003. These implants were released for general use in 2006.  It is clear that each type has its own unique things to consider. The easiest is the saline because these patients can have the implant deflated and get a peek into what the future holds for the breast shape and size. Patients with silicone gel implants cannot do this and have to be really sure they want to proceed.  It can take a few meetings to go over all the details and considerations before each patient has come to a decision, and we will help guide you through these decisions.

“I’m Worried About My Breast Implants.”

“I am worried that they are causing some medical issues” is another very common reason patients inquire about removing their implants. For these patients, the most commonly reported medical symptoms are:

  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain
  • Memory fog
  • Hair loss
  • Dry eyes

The term we now use for this scenario is called Breast Implant Illness. Since I have been in practice for over 25 years, some of my patients from many years ago have come to me with these concerns. And while I do not know all the factors that contribute to this, my answer is always that I believe them—their symptoms are real, and I take them very seriously. The solution is to remove the implants and see if the symptoms resolve. And I will say, I have had patients that feel a lot better! Sometimes it is not 100% better, but it’s usually at least 90% better … so the rest of the symptoms are likely just the fatigue, weight gain, memory fog, and hair loss that comes with aging. 

After the implants are removed, I recommend the patient allow the skin to recover, shrink as much as it will, and then after 6 months or so, decide if a breast lift is needed. Quite often, the lift is not necessary and the patient is done. But if they feel the skin envelope is too empty or sagging, a lift can be done then.

“My Body Changed!”

“I have gained weight and now my implants make me look heavy and overweight” is the second most common reason I see patients for a consultation on removing their breast implants. And since many of us had our implants placed over 10 or even 20 years ago, when we were younger and thinner, time has moved on and our bodies have changed. For these patients who have gained weight, their breasts are bigger; often there is plenty of the patient’s own breast tissue after the removal so there is no need for any other treatment. The breast itself will have a “more mature” shape—in other words, the patient agrees to compromise on the final shape. We all have to make compromises as we age—and not having to deal with the future implications of having an implant makes sense for the patient at this stage in their own journey.

“Lately, I Have Weird Sensations.”

So many times, I will see a patient who has had implants for many years and has been fine, but then they say “Now I have some discomfort with them—mild but real. and I am not sure what is going on?!”  For these patients, it can be a challenge to determine what is the correct path forward. For this situation, the best plan is to take a few months to track the feelings and symptoms and see what trends develop. 

Many times, the feelings go away. But sometimes these symptoms continue and gradually increase, and then something needs to be done. For these patients, the question is whether or not they have a capsular contracture that has started to form. A capsule is a normal layer that forms, but when it becomes thick and tightens, it can cause achiness and a vague uncomfortable feeling. Patients with these feelings should call the office and come in for evaluation since there are intervention methods that can avert and resolve the capsular contracture.

“I Did Not Know They Would Be This Size”

I will sometimes see patients who had their implants placed by a different surgeon, and the patient tells me the final size is not what she had expected—and it is usually quite a bit larger than expected. These patients could choose to downsize, but many times they just want to cut their losses and take out their implants. This is a tough decision, and it requires quite a bit of discussion. The decision can actually come down to a financial decision, sadly. At any rate, this is one of the reasons implants are removed and we will help guide you through this part of the journey.

Before and After Breast Implant Removal


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Breast Implant Removal  Case 96 Before & After View #1 | Columbus, OH | Aesthetica Surgery & Spa
Before and After Breast Implant Removal for a Variety of Reasons
Breast Implant Removal  Case 521 Before & After Left Oblique | Columbus, OH | Aesthetica Surgery & Spa
Before and After Breast Implant Removal for a Variety of Reasons
Breast Implant Removal  Case 666 Before & After Front | Columbus, OH | Aesthetica Surgery & Spa
Before and After Breast Implant Removal for a Variety of Reasons
Breast Implant Removal  Case 639 Before & After Front | Columbus, OH | Aesthetica Surgery & Spa
Before and After Breast Implant Removal for a Variety of Reasons

A woman’s prerogative is to change her mind!

Each patient comes to Aesthetica with their own story and unique perspective. The entire A-team is ready to help you along with this part of your journey. As a matter of fact, a few of us have even been through this, and we are all happy to share our experiences. We wish the best for you and hope to see you soon. You can reach us online to request a consultation or call us at (614) 569-2649.

Breast Wishes!

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