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At Dr. Anne Taylor’s practice in Columbus, Ohio, plastic surgery for men is becoming increasingly popular. Men – like women – have very personal reasons for wanting to look younger or more sculpted. Many men confide in Dr. Taylor that their procedures help them to feel more confident at work or in social situations such as dating. Dr. Taylor recognizes the unique concerns men have about their appearance, and will work with you to identify the most effective course of treatment.

Dr. Taylor offers an introductory consultation so that you can meet with her and determine whether or not Aesthetica Surgery & Spa in Columbus, Ohio, will meet your needs. To meet with Dr. Taylor about cosmetic plastic surgery for men, request a consultation online, or call her office at  (614) 569-2649 to schedule an appointment.

Look Sharp, Guys!

Dr. Taylor and her experienced team can recharge your confidence with plastic surgery and nonsurgical procedures customized to the unique qualities of the male face and body.

Face Procedures

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Men often complain that their faces look overly tired as they age — a look that belies how they actually feel. This is often caused by droopy skin or puffiness around the eyelids. With eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, Dr. Taylor can remove the excess skin and fat that cause this, leaving you with natural-looking but dramatic results that allow you to look more expressive and energetic. Scars are well-hidden in the folds of the eyelids.


Stay in the game with a look that matches your inner vitality. Dr. Taylor is experienced in performing facelifts that enhance her male patients’ masculinity, so they look rejuvenated, yet natural. This procedure corrects sagging, flattened cheeks, and lax jowls. Dr. Taylor offers a range of facelift options, including the SmartLift, mini facelift, and full facelift to match the degree of correction needed.

Neck Lift

For some men, aging affects the neck first; in others, the neck and face age together. Dr. Taylor can perform a neck lift to tighten and smooth the skin and reduce a double chin as an individual procedure or in combination with a facelift (or other facial plastic surgery procedures). The goal is to restore firmness, definition, and a look of virility.

Body Procedures


Liposuction is one of the top body contouring procedures requested by men because of its ability to permanently sculpt and shape the body. With age, many men find that maintaining a trim waistline becomes increasingly difficult. Dr. Taylor has refined her liposuction technique through nearly 20 years of experience. She can target and reduce those areas of concern that are most applicable to you, whether it is a “spare tire” or “love handles.” Our practice also offers CoolSculpting®, a nonsurgical alternative to liposuction, to reduce fat in those trouble spots.

Tummy Tuck

After significant weight loss, many men are left with loose skin around their midsections that causes self-consciousness and discomfort. Dr. Taylor performs tummy tuck surgery, technically called abdominoplasty, to remove this excess skin and help men feel more confident in fitted shirts and when going shirtless.

Gynecomastia Correction

Gynecomastia is a condition characterized by a hormonal imbalance that causes excess breast tissue to grow in men. This is a common problem for men, who often attempt to reduce the look of “man boobs” through diet and exercise. Unfortunately, no amount of fitness can correct this issue. Dr. Taylor frequently performs gynecomastia surgery to sculpt a firmer, more masculine-looking chest. Dr. Taylor is careful to hide incisions in discreet locations for a natural-looking chest contour.

Pectoral Implants

When exercise does not produce the results you want, pectoral implants can provide another option. Dr. Taylor uses today’s highest-grade silicone implants to protect your safety and ensure the most attractive results. Various sizes and shapes are available so that you can select the exact thickness and bulk you are hoping for. Incisions can be placed remotely to avoid scarring on the chest.

 Before & After Photos

*Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

Case: 1 of 9
Case: 1 of 9
Gynecomastia Case 52 Before & After View #1 | Columbus, OH | Aesthetica Surgery & Spa
Before & After
Case: 1 of 8

This is a 57 year old male with developmental gynecomastia.  He has had this his entire life.  He wishes to have this surgery to remove the excess tissue.
Gynecomastia Case 53 Before & After View #1 | Columbus, OH | Aesthetica Surgery & Spa
Before & After
Case: 2 of 8

This is a 19 year old male with developmental gynecomastia.  He has had this his entire life with one breast larger than the other.  He wishes to have this surgery to remove the excess tissue.
Gynecomastia Case 81 Before & After View #1 | Columbus, OH | Aesthetica Surgery & Spa
Before & After
Case: 3 of 8

35-year-old, who has had Gynecomastia since he was a teenager, and over these last 20 years he has not been happy with his chest contour until now! 
Gynecomastia Case 88 Before & After View #1 | Columbus, OH | Aesthetica Surgery & Spa
Before & After
Case: 4 of 8

This patient is a 20-year-old who has had developed gynecomastia in puberty. In addtion, he is a weight lifter and now requests gynecomastia reduction surgery.
Gynecomastia Case 440 Before & After Front | Columbus, OH | Aesthetica Surgery & Spa
Before & After
Case: 5 of 8

This is a 46 year old who has suffered with gynecomastia for many years. For this reason he wishes to have Gynecomastia surgery.
Gynecomastia Case 445 Before & After Front | Columbus, OH | Aesthetica Surgery & Spa
Before & After
Case: 6 of 8

This is a 39 year old male in excellent physical condition.  Despite some weight loss he still has gynecomastia.
Gynecomastia Case 470 Before & After Front | Columbus, OH | Aesthetica Surgery & Spa
Before & After
Case: 7 of 8

This is a 16 yr old male who has complained of Gynecomastia since puberty.  For this reason he has requested cosmetic surgery.
Gynecomastia Case 473 Before & After Front | Columbus, OH | Aesthetica Surgery & Spa
Before & After
Case: 8 of 8

This is a 23 year old male who complains that he has residual gynecomastia after a prior procedure and would like it removed.  

Nonsurgical Options

BOTOX® Cosmetic

To keep or restore a relaxed, refreshed, and youthful look, consider quick, discreet BOTOX treatments. BOTOX is popular with men who want to smooth out forehead creases, crow’s feet around the eyes, and frown lines between the eyebrows. We can also use BOTOX to create a subtle brow lift and soften vertical neck bands. Results look natural and last about 3 to 6 months.

Dermal Fillers

For instant facial rejuvenation with no downtime, our dermal fillers make an excellent choice. These simple injectable treatments can wake up a face that looks tired or “over the hill” by replacing volume around the eyes, on the cheeks, and in lines and folds around the mouth. We can help you choose from popular options such as JUVÉDERM VOLUMA®, Restylane®, and Sculptra®.


If fat under the chin is taking away from the fit, youthful look you want, KYBELLA might be just what you need. This simple office treatment involves a series of quick injections right into the unwanted double-chin fat. Over the following weeks, treated fat is gradually absorbed by the body restoring youthful definition between the jawline and the upper neck.


Workouts can only do so much to firm up and sculpt away a belly, love handles, back fat, or a double chin. CoolSculpting is a nonsurgical treatment that can put the finishing touches on your physique by reducing those last stubborn pockets of fat. No anesthesia, incisions, or downtime is needed, so you don’t have to put your life on pause to make the changes you can’t get on your own. We can treat 2 areas at once with DualSculpting to cut your treatment time in half.

Laser Hair Removal

You have more productive and enjoyable things to do than shaving or waxing hair off your neck, shoulders, back, chest, or other undesirable places it grows. Our experienced team can safely and effectively do away with that perpetual overgrowth using state-of-the-art laser technology. Let us help you save time on hair care—come in for a series of laser hair removal treatments.

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"I love what I do. What could be more rewarding than helping someone feel beautiful?"

— Dr. Anne Taylor

Dr. Anne Taylor has more than 20 years of plastic surgery experience and credentials that speak for themselves. Women and men come to her for her plastic surgery artistry, and the genuine warmth and compassion she has for her patients.

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