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Woman preparing for plastic surgery in Worthington, OH

How To Prepare for Your Plastic Surgery

You’re on the books for a plastic surgery procedure here in Columbus, Ohio, and want to optimize your outcome, and you are wondering, what steps do I take? In this blog, I’ll explain the best way to move forward safely with your plastic surgery journey. Scheduling Your Surgery—Finding the Best Time for You! The first…

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Silver linings

Silver Linings

While the last few months have had many challenges, there have been multiple silver linings that I have discovered upon reflecting about 2020. Many of the same challenges that had a downside, also had an upside that outweighed the negative. And almost every instance of the difficulty had this aspect when approached from another viewpoint. …

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Transgender Breast Augmentation Presents Unique Challenges

The transgender breast augmentation differs from a traditional in many important ways. These differences make choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon in the Columbus area even more important during this phase of your journey.  The common breast augmentation is not the same operation that is needed for the transgender patient. The basics are similar, but there are…

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Transgender woman waits to meet with a board-certified plastic surgeon regarding her top surgery.

Transgender Journey: Your Top Surgery Is in Good Hands

Transgender patients face so many challenges and hurdles throughout their journeys—and the medical system sometimes may seem to work against you. You have been through so much already, and our main concern for your top surgery at our practice in Columbus, Ohio, is to make this part of the journey as easy as possible. Saying…

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Dr. Anne Taylor is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Columbus, OH.

Welcome to My Plastic Surgery Blog

Throughout my career as a plastic surgeon in Columbus and a professor, I’ve been at the forefront of changes in the field. In my opinion, when you’re considering improved techniques or the introduction of new treatments or devices, there is probably no medical specialty that is as innovative and dynamic as plastic surgery. By starting…

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