How To Prepare for Your Plastic Surgery

Woman preparing for plastic surgery in Worthington, OH

You’re on the books for a plastic surgery procedure here in Columbus, Ohio, and want to optimize your outcome, and you are wondering, what steps do I take? In this blog, I’ll explain the best way to move forward safely with your plastic surgery journey.

Scheduling Your Surgery—Finding the Best Time for You!

The first step was your consultation, and at that time, we covered the process of how to continue.

Have your calendar handy.

To schedule surgery, we recommend you gather some information—all your schedules and calendars—to use when you call Angela, our plastic surgery scheduler. She will give you some options to find the best fit for you. Remember, we normally are booked up about 6 weeks, so the sooner you call, the better.

Choose a surgery time that allows you to take time off work.

Also, keep in mind that you will need to have adequate time off to rest and heal up, and skimping on this is counterproductive. You would not want to go through with your plastic surgery and then have a complication from trying to do too much after your surgery. You should have the time off that I recommended when we did your consultation at my office. A good idea is to have a few extra days as a buffer—just in case you don’t feel ready to get back to your job.

Don’t plan to travel.

This is the time we need you to stay in Columbus and make rest a priority. It is a short-term inconvenience for a long-term payoff!! And if you do need me to check on you, you need to be in town. So as tempting as it sounds to take a vacation to the beach, we ask that you have 2 to 3 weeks in town before scheduling a trip out of the area. Please refer to the paperwork titled “The next step on your plastic surgery journey” in your blue folder.

Once you have selected your surgery date, Angela will make your appointment for your pre-op visit.

Prepare for the Pre-op Visit

The pre-op visit is an important step in preparing for your plastic surgery procedure. At this time, we will review the paperwork and ask that you sign the informed consent. Do

your homework before your pre-op visit is simple! You should grab your blue folder and review the informed consent document. As you read it again, write down any questions you think of, and we will answer them.

We will give you your patient handbook with the instructions personalized for you. This handbook covers steps to take before, the day of, and after your surgery, including diet, showering, medications, and exercise.

At the pre-op we also give you the soap needed to use before surgery and your medication prescriptions. At this visit, you meet with the nurse educator and me to finalize your surgical plan. You will have pictures taken at this visit, and finally, the balance is paid at this time.

Diet and Hydration—Keys to Success!

To prepare for your big day, we recommend “upping your game” a little in the diet and hydration areas.

Eat a diet rich in protein.

If you already are a “clean” eater—great! And if so, continue with this, focusing on getting at least 60 to 70 grams of protein a day. This will pump up your body’s own healing ability and provide a cushion—you do not want to head into surgery protein depleted.

Don’t forget your water.

Also, hydration is super important. We all are focusing on this every day, of course, but we urge you to drink 80 to 100 fluid ounces a day for the week or 2 prior to surgery. This is like training for a marathon—you cannot do it just 1 day in advance! So, get your water bottle out, and keep it with you all day to ensure you are hitting this goal.

What if I get the sniffles?

Your safety comes first, above all else, now more than ever. Your first priority is, of course, getting the care you need to get well. Please notify us at Aesthetica, and the nurse will discuss your symptoms. It can be difficult to sort this out, and you may just have a mild cold, or it may last a few days and evolve into a bigger respiratory illness. Depending on your symptoms and how soon your surgery is planned, you may be prescribed over-the-counter cold medicines or even a prescription.

If you are not feeling 100% on the day of your procedure, it is the wisest choice to postpone it a day or so. This can feel like a huge burden when you have planned time off and made arrangements to have your procedure. But again, safety is the bottom line, and we will work with you to get you well and back on the schedule as soon as possible! Your well-being and fabulous outcome are the priorities, and we are committed to this, even if that means delaying surgery until you’re feeling better again.

Gather Your Supplies

When you have your pre-op visit, we will cover what you need to have ready at your post-op visit. For each operation, specific items are required. For instance, for breast augmentations, lifts, and reductions, we ask you to purchase sports bras. This is covered at your pre-op, and we have our favorite brands, of course—when these arrive in your mail, you should put them into the tote we provide—along with your handbook- which you will bring to each visit. We also advise that you get your medications filled early and keep everything in your tote bag.

Ready To Go!

It is normal to feel both excited and nervous in the days leading up to your procedure. Taking care of these details early will alleviate the stress of doing it at the last minute. If you think of any questions, feel free to contact the office. The next part is just to relax and enjoy the journey!

If you’re ready to explore your cosmetic surgery options, contact my Columbus plastic surgery practice using the online form to request a consultation. Or call my office at (614) 569-2649 to schedule an appointment to get started on your own plastic surgery journey.

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