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Woman preparing for plastic surgery in Worthington, OH

How To Prepare for Your Plastic Surgery

You’re on the books for a plastic surgery procedure here in Columbus, Ohio, and want to optimize your outcome, and you are wondering, what steps do I take? In this blog, I’ll explain the best way to move forward safely with your plastic surgery journey. Scheduling Your Surgery—Finding the Best Time for You! The first…

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Woman experiencing benefits of tummy tuck surgery in Worthington, OH

Is a Tummy Tuck Worth It?

With so many fantastic new options for nonsurgical aesthetic treatments available today, you may be curious whether any of them compare to the time-tested results of a surgical tummy tuck. My Columbus, Ohio, patients often ask me about things they have seen on their social media or heard on the radio advertised as an alternative…

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Woman insecure about tuberous breasts in Worthington, OH.

Tuberous Breasts Explained

Do you feel like your breasts are not shaped the way you see other women’s breasts shaped? Are they long and pointy with the nipple pointing down? Do the areola and nipple look puffy and funny? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you may have a type of breast anatomy termed…

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Woman with a flat stomach is happy with her tummy tuck results.

Tummy Tuck: A Favorite Procedure for One and All

I am lucky I get to do so many “happy ending” operations, including the . At my Columbus, Ohio, practice, this is BY FAR the one that has the happiest patients afterward, and I think there are many reasons for this. First: You’ve done all you can do. You have spent months and even years following…

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Youthful Reflections Facial Plastic Surgery Center

Facelifts: How Long Do They Really Last? 

If you are researching whether you’re ready for a facelift, you are likely one step closer to your new rejuvenated look. And with this decision-making process comes a number of questions you’ve likely been thinking about—specifically, what procedure will give you the best results and how long will the new youthful look really last? Facelifts…

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Youthful Reflections Facial Plastic Surgery Center

Do Breast Implants Expire? 

If you have done your homework on with implants here in Columbus, Ohio, you may have come across claims that breast implants have to be replaced every ten years. Although it is true, many women choose to replace their implants around this time, that doesn’t always mean a complication or “expired” implant is to blame.…

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Silver linings

Silver Linings

While the last few months have had many challenges, there have been multiple silver linings that I have discovered upon reflecting about 2020. Many of the same challenges that had a downside, also had an upside that outweighed the negative. And almost every instance of the difficulty had this aspect when approached from another viewpoint. …

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Transgender Breast Augmentation Presents Unique Challenges

The transgender breast augmentation differs from a traditional in many important ways. These differences make choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon in the Columbus area even more important during this phase of your journey.  The common breast augmentation is not the same operation that is needed for the transgender patient. The basics are similar, but there are…

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A woman pleased with her eyelid surgery.

Eyelids: The “Gateway” Procedure

“People ask me if I am feeling OK or if I am tired” is the way the consultation usually starts for (blepharoplasty) at my Columbus, Ohio-area practice. It’s understandable; how many times have you looked in the mirror in the morning and thought, “I look tired,” even though you just woke up? If this describes…

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A woman contemplating getting a facelift.

Facelift—Is It Time? 

“How do I know when I should have a facelift?” is one of the most common questions I hear as a board-certified plastic surgeon. My patients also frequently ask questions such as, “What is the difference between a mini lift, a fast lift, and a liquid lift?” and “Who is the best surgeon to do it?”…

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