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Breast Implant Incisions, Antibiotics, and Evidence-Based Medicine

Using evidence-based best practices to create great breast augmentation outcomes Patients often ask me what type of incision is best for placing their implants, or if they will get antibiotics after surgery.  For these questions and many others, in today’s world of modern medicine it is now possible to give definitive answers that are evidence-based, not just based on a … Read more

miraDry® for Armpit Sweat Comes to Aesthetica!

Helloooooo, miraDry®! Buh-bye sweaty armpits! Do you have persistent underarm sweat that is bothersome to you?  If so, consider getting treatment with FDA-cleared miraDry, now available at Aesthetica in Columbus.  miraDry is an effective, almost trouble-free treatment for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) that really works.   Getting miraDry is an easy procedure that we can do right here in the Worthington Mall, … Read more

Welcome to My Plastic Surgery Blog

Dr. Anne Taylor is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Columbus, OH.

Throughout my career as a plastic surgeon in Columbus and a plastic surgery professor, I’ve been at the forefront of changes in the field. In my opinion, when you’re considering improved techniques or the introduction of new treatments or devices, there is probably no medical specialty that is as innovative and dynamic as plastic surgery. By starting a blog, I … Read more