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Dr. Anne Taylor is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Columbus, OH.

Throughout my career as a plastic surgeon in Columbus and a plastic surgery professor, I’ve been at the forefront of changes in the field. In my opinion, when you’re considering improved techniques or the introduction of new treatments or devices, there is probably no medical specialty that is as innovative and dynamic as plastic surgery.

By starting a blog, I hope that I can keep you informed on the latest advancements in the field of aesthetic surgery and nonsurgical cosmetic treatments. This is really an extension of conversations I have every day during consultations with patients who have questions about the procedures they want, or whether the trendy treatments are really worth it.

In this blog, I might dive more deeply into specific procedures that may be less familiar to most patients. For example, I may write about diastasis recti–a condition that affects many women who have had children–and why it’s an important part of tummy tuck surgery. As a woman with 4 children, I’m also able to share my thoughts about plastic surgery from the perspective of someone who’s both a plastic surgeon and a mom.

I frequently attend plastic surgery conferences and will use this blog to share information I learn as I continue my professional development. I may also discuss interesting studies or articles I read in 1 of our plastic surgery journals. In addition to discussing new technologies and products available to my patients, I’ll also use this blog to answer some of your most pressing questions. Curious about what to expect during consultations or interested in the details of recovering after surgery? Check in on this blog to get easy-to-understand explanations of those topics and many others.

One of the most important goals for this blog is to create a place where patients can communicate what’s on their minds through comments and suggestions. You can provide feedback about what you think of the blog and mention topics that you’d like to see me explore in future posts.

I look forward to carrying on this conversation in the near future.

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