Pro-Nox Is Here!

A woman enjoying a painless filler treatment thanks to Pro-Nox

Are you worried about having your next filler appointment or procedure and the pain it might cause? Worry no more! We now have the in-office pain- and worry-remover that can help you during your next treatment.

As a plastic surgeon in Columbus, Ohio, in practice for over 24 years, I have seen many patients fret about the pain involved in getting their procedure. We have heard their concerns and are happy to have a solution.

What is Pro-Nox?

Pro-Nox gives you the power to control your pain relief safely during your cosmetic medical procedure. Its unique delivery system allows you to provide pain relief for yourself with an on-demand mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide. You control the amount used and the duration of your pain relief, so you are in control.

Some patients just need a little pain control to take the edge off, while others need a little more—and this is possible with Pro-Nox. It’s the beauty of this system: each patient can control it for their own needs.

Benefits of Using Pro-Nox During Aesthetic Treatments

My patients often think they would like to get in for their treatment, but they delay scheduling procedures because they are worried about the pain of treatment. In the past, many patients needed oral pain pills for their procedures, which would affect their ability to drive to and from the office.

With Pro-Nox, the effect of breathing this mixture is usually evident quickly and gives the patient immediate relief from pain. During dermal filler treatments or other procedures, the patient can continue to take a few breaths of the gas until the pain subsides. The gas is expelled from the body quickly, and the patient can drive themselves home.

Some patients may be familiar with nitrous from their dental office. It has been in use for decades because:

  • It provides rapid, effective, and safe relief from pain and anxiety during a procedure.
  • Many patients report decreased use of pain pills when they use the nitrous mixture.
  • The Pro-Nox gas mixture is not addictive, which is an added relief in this era of opioid addictions.

Are there side effects with Pro-Nox?

There are very few side effects, but occasionally a patient will feel a little nausea after Pro-Nox. This nausea usually subsides with regular breathing. It has been used for decades in both the dental and midwifery settings. Plastic surgeons have adopted it because we have learned from these professionals and want our patients to be as comfortable as possible. Especially when it comes to an elective cosmetic procedure, we are hoping to provide a pain- and worry-free experience.

We recommend checking out more information on the Pro-Nox website to learn more. And if you’re ready to schedule that aesthetic treatment now that you have more pain control options, contact us online or by phone at (614) 569-2649 to book an appointment.

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