Breast Augmentation Cost & Considerations in Columbus

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One of the most common questions patients ask is about the cost of breast augmentation surgery and why it varies. When patients call the office, we are able to give a ballpark estimate. But it is not always possible to give a definite quote because the patient anatomy varies so much.

Without doing an exam, it is difficult or even impossible to say with certainty the exact figure. There are some general themes, though, and ballpark numbers that are useful for a patient to get a feel for what their breast augmentation cost would be. In this blog post, I will cover the general categories to help everyone understand the reason the price varies. 

Standard Breast Augmentation

First, let’s consider the easiest version of breast augmentation on what I would call a “perfect candidate.”

  • Small breast size: The patient truly does have a breast size that is small, usually an A or small B cup.
  • Breast symmetry: This “ideal patient” also has good symmetry, meaning the breasts are about the same size and shape. We like to call them “sisters—not identical twins” since no one has perfectly matched breasts. 
  • No sagging: The ideal candidate also does not have any sagging. 
  • At stable goal weight: These candidates are also at their goal weight and not fluctuating much, meaning their breasts are not changing volume much.

For these patients, it is a fairly easy conversation about the costs, which include a basic augmentation, the implants, and the OR/anesthesia fees. And when it comes to breast augmentation, the patient is usually able to have the consult within a month and schedule surgery within a month of the consult.

You can see some of my patients’ breast augmentation before and after pictures in our photo gallery to get an idea of the type of results we can achieve.

Implants Alone or Breast Lift With Implants? Costs & Trade-offs

Now let’s move on to some more complicated breast augmentation scenarios. These patients have some sagging in their breasts, either due to normal aging, pregnancy changes, or weight loss. These ladies have a number of things to consider, which can impact pricing.

Implants Only

Often these women had larger breasts earlier in their lives. They frequently tell me they had big and beautiful breasts, ranging from C to D cup size, and they want them back! For these patients, their breasts may be simply deflated due to the normal shrinking of the breast tissue with aging and after pregnancy. They may be able to add an implant and fill up the skin envelope enough that they can achieve their previous cup size without adding a breast lift for the skin. 

When a Breast Lift May Be Needed

In frequent cases, however, the breast footprint has dropped on the chest wall, and the breasts are deflated and lower, requiring a breast lift. This is sometimes a challenge to sort out because the patient can be on the borderline—a little low and a little empty—so they could just add an implant to make their breasts a little bigger but still a little low. OR they can decide to do the lift only and just go a little higher. Or they can go for the breast lift with an implant, which will result in a permanent scar on the breast around the nipple, down the middle like a lollipop, and under like an anchor. 

So this is a real issue to consider, and we call it a trade-off. You can read more about the breast lift vs. breast implants dilemma in my related blog post. The breast lift adds to the complexity of the surgery, and therefore, the risks and costs go up. 

Breast Implant Revision Costs

There are also patients who have already had breast implants, and they require a breast augmentation revision. The ballpark for these patients is even wider, depending on what is required in surgery. 

On the lower side of the fee range, a simple revision is done, the implants are changed out, and only minor modifications to the capsule are done. These patients usually have intact implants and are changing out to a new set. For these patients, the operation does not hurt very much since the pocket was created in the first operation, and the same pocket is being used.

And from this basic variety, the scenario gets more complex and the price increases accordingly. The next step up on this spectrum is the patient who requires more extensive modifications to the same pocket, and from there, the patient who requires a complete capsulectomy and pocket change. The Aesthetic Society explains more about these revision procedures on its site. 

Your Estimated Breast Augmentation Pricing in Columbus

Now that we’ve explained why breast augmentation pricing varies widely, let’s share some ballpark numbers. Here are some general cost ranges for the breast surgery procedures we offer:

  • “Standard” Breast Augmentation: $8,600
  • Breast Lift Only: $8,200 to $9,200               
  • Breast Augmentation With Lift: $12,900 to $15,900
  • Breast Augmentation Revision: $9,500 to $10,500
  • Breast Reduction: $8,200 (does not include insurance cases)

Getting Started

When it comes to sorting out these issues, the entire team at Aesthetica has “got you.” We do this every day and can help guide you in the right direction. The first step is to call the office and set up your appointment for our breast augmentation seminar. This is a fun, informational seminar or orientation that we know you will enjoy.

At this appointment, all the details will be covered, and you will receive your personalized or “Taylored” quote so you will know exactly what you can expect financially. We do these on Wednesdays and Fridays, so the next step is to call the office at (614) 569-2649 or get in touch with us online and make your appointment. The sooner you do this, the sooner you can have your surgery.  

Breast Wishes!

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