If you have persistent underarm sweat that keeps you from enjoying your life with confidence, miraDry at our Columbus, OH, location in The Shops at Worthington Place can help. miraDry is an FDA-cleared treatment for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). It's nonsurgical and uses heat energy to destroy sweat and odor glands, creating long-lasting results.

This quick treatment can help you overcome the inconvenience of excessive sweating for years to come. That means wearing and doing whatever you like without having to worry about stains and odor.

How Does miraDry Work?

After numbing the treatment area, your provider will use the applicator device to deliver heat energy to the sweat and odor glands, giving you immediate results. Treating both underarms typically takes less than an hour.

What Is miraDry Recovery Like?

You may experience some tenderness or swelling for a few days, but this shouldn't interrupt your daily activities. Non-prescription pain relievers such as Advil and Tylenol should alleviate any discomfort you may have.

How Long Do miraDry Results Last?

miraDry results are typically very long-lasting, because the treatment destroys sweat and odor glands that do not regenerate after treatment. It works similarly to the way laser hair removal destroys hair follicles to prevent future growth.

How Much Does miraDry Cost?

The cost of miraDry at our Columbus location is $1,800. We offer affordable financing plans through CareCredit® for those who may need help paying for the procedure.

To learn more about miraDry in the Columbus, OH, area, request a consultation online or call (614) 569-2649 to schedule an appointment.