Breast Implants

One of the keys to beautiful, natural-looking breast augmentation results is choosing the right implants. In Columbus, Ohio, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Anne Taylor helps take the stress and guesswork out of this important decision. With over 20 years of experience performing breast augmentation, she has perfected the art of helping women choose the breast implants that will best provide the enhanced look they envision for themselves.

Which Implant Size Is Right for Me?

Choosing the right implant size is often the most challenging decision women undergoing breast augmentation have to make. Dr. Taylor will help you understand how the volume of breast implants (measured in cubic centimeters of liquid volume, or cc) translates to cup sizes. She may recommend that you bring in photos of women whose breasts most closely resemble the look you are trying to achieve. She will make a recommendation based on your goals and your existing breast tissue, but ultimately, the choice of size will be based on your personal preference.

Breast Wishes,

Which Is Best: Silicone or Saline?

Dr. Taylor offers only breast implants that have been FDA-approved for safety, filled with either saline or silicone gel. She will explain their benefits and trade-offs during your consultation. Each type has distinct advantages:

  • Silicone gel: Many women prefer the natural look and feel of silicone implants. Options include cohesive silicone gel implants and highly cohesive silicone implants (often called gummy bear implants), which do not ooze or leak if the implant is damaged. Silicone implants, available for cosmetic use to women who are at least 22 years old, are a good choice for patients with very little body fat or natural breast tissue.
  • Saline: These implants are rolled up, inserted through tiny incisions, and filled with sterile saline (salt water) through a tube once they are in place. Dr. Taylor fine tunes the final fill volume, which may vary between breasts, before removing the fill tube. Saline implants are usually less expensive than silicone. They are a good option for women who want the reassurance of knowing their breast implants are filled with a harmless saline solution that can be naturally absorbed by the body in case of rupture.

If you decide you want to change your implant type or size at some point in the future, Dr. Taylor can perform an elective implant exchange.

Breast Implant Shapes

Breast implants are available in round and teardrop (also called anatomical or shaped) types. Round implants are a good choice for patients who want to increase fullness in the upper breasts. Shaped implants are designed to achieve a natural-looking breast shape that gradually slopes out from the upper chest and has more fullness at the bottom.


The profile of a breast implant is the degree to which it projects or sticks out from the chest wall when placed behind the breast tissue. There are many available profiles, which are not standard between manufacturers, but generally range from high, to moderate, to low. A high-profile implant projects forward more than a moderate profile implant. The base of low-profile implants is usually wider than high-profile implants; therefore, implants with high profiles are better suited to women who have a narrow rib cage.

To find out more about your breast implant options, request a consultation online with Dr. Anne Taylor, a board-certified plastic surgeon and breast augmentation specialist. You can also call our office at (614) 569-2649 to schedule an appointment.